Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Top Alternatives and Replacements for Streaming Movies and TV Shows to Netflix

With the recent raising of the rates at Netflix, many people are looking for different ways to stream content. While there are many different sites that offer ways to stream content, nobody does it as easily and offers as much as Netflix does. With Netflix you get a wide berth of both television and films.

Here are my top alternatives to Netflix Instant Watch:

Hulu has made some gains, but it still lags behind in the film section. Hulu is available on many devices connected to your TV, just like Netflix. You can stream Hulu through an Xbox, PS3, TiVo Premiere, Roku and many other devices. Hulu has many network shows available as well as the films from Criterion Collection. At $7.99 per month, it's a good value. It falls in line with the Netflix all-you-can-eat model of video streaming.

Do you like to shop online? Do you like your packages to arrive quickly with free shipping? If you do, Amazon's streaming service is a nice perk to its Amazon Prime program. Many of the films available on the streaming service are what was available on Netflix a few years ago. There isn't much current, but it is included with the price of an Amazon Prime membership. Here's a list of what is available. An Amazon Prime membership will cost you $79 per year. The free versions of Amazon Prime will not get you access to the streaming content. There are any different devices that can play Amazon streaming content such as a TiVo, Roku and others.

While iTunes has a huge library of content, you get what you pay for. You pay for every episode of every TV show that you watch. You pay for every movie. While this is fine for the occassional movie or TV show, it's not a viable Netflix replacement at this time. iTunes works with AppleTV.

The Rest

Greencine has been around for a long time. It originally catered to mainly arthouse and independent type films. Now it has a collection of over 30,000 DVDs and 9,000 video on demand features.

Vudu is the premier website for streaming HD content. It is available on PS3 and other Blu-ray players. Many films are $2 for standard def content and around $5 for HD content. The picture and sound quality is very, very good.

Your local library is also an excellent resource for watching DVDs. Many libraries offer the ability to reserve discs online. That's the solution that I'll likely use. I don't watch that many DVDs anymore. I certainly don't watch enough to justify another ~$70 a year. I'll just put my tax dollars to use for me and step into the library. I already do that for books. I can now do the same thing for DVDs.


  1. Good stuff. I don't know what xfinitytv by comcast is, but I do know that it costs a lot more... I got a promotion of high-speed internet and the tv thing for $70/mo, which is $30 more than the internet alone.

    I'm glad you mentioned the library cuz it's like so many people forgot that they've got a great resource in their town. We've saved many thousands of dollars on books alone over the last five years.


  2. These are some good sites to use for streaming. For a whole package deal I plan on switching to Blockbuster. With Blockbuster you can get games, Blu-ray DVDs at no extra charge, and they have new releases out 28 days before Netflix does. Right now with my provider/employer DISH Network I can get Blockbuster free for 3 months. Go to this link to check out the promotion through DISH . I think this is the best option for our family.


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